• The time for diplomacy is gone. The time for drastic action is now. We are calling for the best sharpshooters in the world to join us as we take aim at evil wherever it hides. There is no room for remorse here, so shoot to kill.

    Great news, Update 5 is live! No time to rest, full load of DANGER and new challenges coming right up.

  • **What's New**

    • NEW MAP: Get ready for some medieval fortress fun. Keep your guard up in the Castle.

    • 2 SPECIAL EVENTS: CODE RED x2 when Hoover Dam is infested and Washington gets invaded. No time to explain, brace yourself for unnatural evil's next strike and save the world from being taken over.

    • FULL CUSTOMISATION: Groove your own Sniper gear with the new armor and headgear items. Build your unique sniper experience and boost your abilities in style!

    • AMMO JACKETS – Choose between a huge set of custom skins for your bullets. Add a touch of style to your kills.

    • SUBSCRIPTIONS – New system in place for heavy players. Subscribe to Sniper Fury and boost your rubies daily!

    • EXTRA KILLCAMS: We know you enjoy your best shots so we’re adding some new angles to watch them better. Every successful bullet is a victory for freedom!

  • **Don’t Forget**

    • LEAGUE OPS: The more you advance, the more REWARDS you get. Get REWARDED for the league you're in and for ALL THE LEAGUES below you.

    • INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: Get more allies to watch your back by inviting friends to join the fun!